Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Telecommunication Operators suspends DATA in Anglophone Cameroon

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Telecommunication companies in Cameroon have intentionally suspended data services all over anglophone Cameroon, following the arrest of the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society CONSORTIUM yesterday evening.

The same operators have been sending law suit threat messages to the population, and MTN Cameroon through its CEO Phillisiwe Sibiya tendered what we call a 'Clearance Apology' to the public, explaining their involvement in the law suit threat messages.

Sibiya even assured the Anglophone Community in particular that the network will be at its best, at all times. But helas, not a word from her apology is seen anywhere, as inhabitants of the North and South West Regions in particular have been deprived from Data since yesterday evening, to prevent the embarrassing images of ongoing incidents being spread over the social media.

If the telecommunication operators in Cameroon accepts to be tele-guided by the government, it therefore means their businesses will end up in the political  junk bench for doom.

Meanwhile voice calls and SMS are perfectly in order.

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