Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Prof. Ghogomu-led Ad Hoc Committee resumes in Bamenda despite the non re-opening of schools as he pre-conditioned

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Chair person of the ad hoc committee Paul Ghogomu speaking

The ad hoc committee set up by Prime Minister Philemon Yang to look into the teachers grievances resumes in Bamenda this morning, under the chairmanship of Prof. Paul Ghogomu.

In his last one-sided decision resolutions, Prof Ghogomu had pre-conditioned the resumption of dialogue with the re-opening of schools, but after the government was humiliated on Monday 9th January 2016 where school doors remained tight closed Ghogomu and Co had no choice than to ask for the resumption of dialogue on bended knees.

Reports however say government is bent on having its own pound of flesh at the least given opportunity, for the humiliation the anglophone community fed them with on Monday the 9th.

They contend that the youths who are still in detention will not be released, but negotiations will go on and the strikes must be lifted. Highly placed sources say the government plans to judge the young men based on the anti terrorism law on grounds that they were the ones who burnt the country's flag in Bamenda.

The plan is to play softball and then turn around and go very hard on the youths when the uprising would have lost steam, using that as an example to anyone who would ever dare touch national symbols or take part in such revolutions, the informant hinted.

As at now, uncertainty looms on the academic year and the team already in  Bamenda  would have to produce results by all means, failing which the Head of State himself shall head to West Cameroon next week with a bag full of goodies, the source concluded.

 - With excepts culled from John Mbah Akuroh's wall

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