Monday, 30 January 2017

President Biya Rewards The Man Who Foiled the April 1984 Coup

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President Biya  has finally compensated the radio technician who helped in foiling the April 6th Coup in 1984.  Mr. Paul Biya recently offered 40 million FCFA to Gabriel Ebili, a technician with Radio Cameroon at the time of the events who reportedly deceived the vigilance of the coup plotters.
Biya's gesture comes 33 years after, Gabriel Ebili had drank the cup of misery and suffering to the fullest. 
In a ceremony presided in the Bibondi village by the SDO of Lolodorf on Saturday January 27, 2017, the former technician received a compensation sum of 40 million F CFA from the Head of States. 
The ceremony was also the laying of the foundation stone for a house that will be constructed for Gabriel Ebili who is already 65 years old.
Aged 32 at the time of the attempted coup, the young radio technician deceived the vigilance of the soldiers who had taken over the radio house and after his heroic act on April 6, 1984; he fled for his life and went on exile wandering in the countries of the Sub region, precisely the Congo Brazzaville.
According to Epenté Tazeu Adray the SDO, , “this ceremony is intended simply for Gabriel Ebili, and for the people of this village, to say thank you to the President of the Republic for this act of recognition that brings a hero out of misery.” 

Advising Gabriel Ebili, the administrative authority said Gabriel Ebili should not to put all the 40 million F CFA in the house project, but that he should also consider creating a plantation, furnish and electrify house, equipe his wife's kitchen and open an small provision store.
Overcoming his emotion, Gabriel Ebili expressed his gratitude for this gesture of the head of state. “I say thank you to the President of the Republic who has just put an end to my misery,” he said. 

This gesture by Paul Biya is undoubtedly the result of a fierce struggle led by several journalists and writers including the late Charles Ateba Eyené in his book entitled “Gabriel Ebili, the forgotten hero of April 6, 1984”.».

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