Friday, 20 January 2017

North West Lawyers Paid Governor Lele An Unorthodox visit And You Won't Believe What They Requested From Him


Lawyers in the North West Region today Friday Jan. 20 2017, marched to Gorvenor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique's office in the North West Capital town of Bamenda, and asked that the Governor should arrest them all.

The frail looking governor was startled at their request, and told them he had not receive instructions to arrest them, and neither had he any motive to arrest them.

In confusion Governor Lele asked them to go the State Counsel General's(SCG) office, and the men and women in black robe and white wigs gathered their courage and marched down to the SCG's office, who looked daunted and alarmed, as he knew trouble had reached his door steps.

The lawyers tabled the same arrest request, but the SCG said he had no warrant of arrest for them, and at these the Black robe people said ghost towns in that region of Southern Cameroons next week and weeks to come shall be total. 

As for school resumption they said parents have vowed that their children will stay home indefinitely and women may come out on Wednesday.

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