Monday, 30 January 2017

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo Tells VCs of the Universities of Buea and Bamenda to Carry Their Crosses

Minister Jacques FAME NDONGO

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo of the Higher Education has asked the Vice Chancellors of the Universities of Buea and Bamenda to buckle their shoes and own up to the responsibilities of their actions in the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

Minister Fame Ndongo made  the declarations on Friday 27th 2017, during the ceremony of the presentation of New Year Wishes to to his honourable self.

When the gendarme or the police comes into the University campus, it is upon the request of the Rector or Vice Chancellor, it is not at the request of the Minister of Higher Education,” Fame Ndongo said.  He added that 'universities benefit from academic, legal, administrative  financial and cultural autonomy.

 Decisions to take are painful and drastic to put order but you must bear responsibility for your actions.” The Minister said, reminding the VCs of the implications of their actions, as well as the burdens  that goes with the honour of wearing the crown of a Vice Chancellor.

The Vice Chancellor of Buea Dr. Nalova is being indexed for haven invited troops into the Campus on November 28 2016, when the students were peacefully protesting about the Presidential Awards that officials of the schools had put barriers for recipients. The troops went as far as entering student residential quarters in all corners of Buea, committing  inhuman atrocities on students.

It should be recalled that the Universities of Buea and Bamenda alongside other educational institutions in the anglophone regions of the country are yet to resume classes, due to the ongoing teachers strike, and the scars of wounds inflicted on students by military officers, who stormed the Universities of Buea and Bamenda, raping, molesting and killing students.

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