Thursday, 12 January 2017

Justice Ayah Paul WARNS street demonstrators

Following the mass arrest of during and after the historic Monday Jan 9 Ghost Town in the two anglophone regions, anglophone's Judicial Papi Justice Ayah has sound a note of warning to all those embarking on street demonstration of any kind, saying they are doing so at their own 'risk and peril'.

The CONSORTIUM had earlier warned at the eve of the Ghost Town that street movements or violent of any type should be avoided at all cost, so as avoid getting in trouble with the military watchdogs, who were just at the corner waiting for the slightest opportunity to act.

While some respected CONSORTIUM's words of caution, others allowed themselves to be tricked by the enemy, violated the instructions, took to the streets, blocked roads and burned  tyres, leading to confrontations with the watchdogs, who pounced and arrested them.

While it is said that most of those arrested are in the local police cells of their localities, frightening news say some have been taken to unknown destinations.

It is imperative for everyone to heed to the advice of Consortium, and avoid further complications to our already complicated judicial case file with LRC.

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