Monday, 30 January 2017

Governor Oben Peter Ashu Passes On To Glory

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, hat and closeupImage may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, hat and closeup

Former Governor of the North west and South west regions of Cameroon Oben Peter Ashu has died. He died yesterday at the Limbe Regional Hospital after a protracted illness.

He will be remembered for his famous slogan of ”Come no go” which he used to refer to non indigenes of the south West Region who had outnumbered the indigenes of the Region in most urban areas.

He is one of those 'brainwashed' who master minded the Anglophone divide and was accused of Negotiating the Anglophone Identity as he stood firm in the side of President Paul Biya against the Anglophone Problem in Cameroon.

According to Oben Peter Ashu, 'the South West was ready to go to war to keep Biya in power'.The Biya government on its part openly endorsed Governor Oben Peter Ashu’s actions against a backlash of public criticism.
Former Governor Oben Peter Ashu had express contrition for his crimes against humanity in 2014 in a Catholic Church in the Buea Bokwango Parish of the Fako Division accompanied by his close family members. Sources say he explained his Reign of Terror in Buea as “Human Weakness”. 
He is said to have confessed and requested “Forgiveness from Anglophones of North West origin” saying he acted the way he did because his Paymasters expected nothing less from him…"I was merely trying to please my Paymaster, President Biya because that is what he expected of me in order to maintain my Governor job". 
In a remorseful tone that amounted to a Mea Culpa from a previously very arrogant Governor, Peter Oben pleaded for clemency, understanding and the human milk of forgiveness…"I am asking my North West brothers to forgive my trespasses. It was not deliberate. The truth is; I don’t really hate Bamenda people as I am being characterized. That is not really who I am for those who know me".

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