Wednesday, 18 January 2017

From a Western Embassy in Yaounde where he is sound and safe, Tassang Wilfred Speaks COURAGE

Just a few days ago, the Yaoundé  regime was way out negotiating on bended knees with an "illegal" Consortium or its members to call off the strike. Monies floated about, and the Ghogomus and Gargas filled their pockets fat. 

Fame Ndongo was ready, willing and able to grant concessions to all 18 points submitted by the Teachers.

Then less than a week, the same government turns around and KIDNAPS the Leadership of the Anglophone community, ban SCNC which in the first place was not approved by them, and suspends the Consortium they tried to bribe few days back.

The whereabout of the Consortium's leaders arrested last night is still a mystery to be discover, and the Program Coordinator Tassang Wilfred is said to be seeking Refuge in one of the foreign embassies in Yaounde, where he will remain until the heat boils cold.

Even in the heat of the moment, Tassang Wilfred writes to encourage us all, and insists that schools must not resume,

Tassang Wilfred writes:

"Tell our people to be strong and courageous.
This is not the time to give up. Schools must not resume for anything in the world.
Let us not chicken out when God himself is handing over the Victory Shielded"

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