Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Francophone Journalist Who Called Anglophones 'Rast' Apologizes

The Francophone journalist of Vision4 Tv who  incited hatred and Rwandan-type of language by referring to Southern Cameroonians as "rats" has apologized .

On his Facebook wall, Jean Jacques Ze says he has discovered how the use of certain words can be dangerous.

HTL has translated his French written post to English

Dear Citizens,

For some days now, I have lost the taste of work and laughter. I have discovered  how the use of word can be dangerous, and at times does not express your thought. 

In my text, the word that I used and which I will never use no matter the circumstance, was not addressed to a community, especially to the anglophone community.

The trade unions clearly disapproved the abominable acts carried out by those undermining the real demands of the anglophones. 

They are the bad seeds that I condemn till now. It is all those who have wanted to take advantage of the rain to fish that I am condemning. 

While hoping, and I always say it that even at the level of the administration of the government and FMO, the state will not allow the authors of this abuse to go run away.

My anglophone colleagues of today and those of yesterday know me and  know that I have never shown any sign of animosity or hatred. I have always encouraged their integration and their promotion.

I humbly beg you to accept my apology if that word caused you any harm. It was used without any  evil intention, and I admit it with so much lightness.

I had no intention to hurt or harm.  I am ready to make sacrifice to make up for this thoughtless act.

Thank you for taking out time to read

Once more please accept my apology and may God protect us all.

Jean Jacques Ze

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