Thursday, 5 January 2017

Big Brother in the industry John Mbah Akuroh Supports the strikes and frowns at Journalists who have licked Poisoned Honey from LRC

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John Mbah Akuroh

Anglophone Senior media personality, Senior state reporter, President of the Cameroon Anglophone Publishers' Association,  CANPA and Secretary General of the Commonwealth Journalists Association - CJA- Cameroon, John Mbah Akurohhas condemned the so called 'Journalists' in Bamenda, who collected the voodoo money from La Republique du Cameroun to trade their souls to the devil and jeopardize the Anglophone Struggle.

Read his statement below..

Government Bribery Sweeps Mercenary "Journalists" in Bamenda

"A group of hungry so-called journalists grouped under a yet-to-be known federation of Anglophone Journalism associations was caught sharing money at Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda this day to whomever wanted to collect so they could go and sell their message that students must return to school on Monday the 9th of January, 2017.

The said traitors, led by one Dotta Ezekiel who runs The Watchdog newspaper, specialized in dishing out awards to gullible politicians, posed as representing all Anglophone journalists in Cameroon.

In my capacity as President of the Cameroon Anglophone Publishers' Association, CANPA and Secretary General of the Commonwealth Journalists Association - CJA- Cameroon, I hereby assert that we support the strikes and stand by the demands made, while insisting we back the calls for schools shutdown and ghost town until the demands presented are met."

John Mbah Akuroh is known for his frank talks, and has never twisted his tongue when it comes to the truth. Even though he is a senior staff with the State Media house, he has never stopped speaking on the microphone about the anglophone marginalization. 

'Kudos Big Bro, you are a force to be reckoned with'.

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