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    Tuesday, 20 December 2016

    VIDEO - Minister Issa Tchiroma BLUNDERS and ACCEPTS that there is Anglophone Problem on Al Jareeza TV- Shame


    On Monday Dec. 19th 2016Al Jazeera TV's program 'The Stream' discussed the challenges facing Anglophones in Cameroon, and how the government is responding to their claims of discrimination.

    During the program, the following were participants:

    Issa Tchiroma Bakary @MincomCameroun

    Minister of Communications

    Eugene Nforngwa @EN_Nforngwa

    Editor, The Standard Tribune

    Harmony Bobga Mbuton 
    President, North West Lawyers' Association

    Anne Marie Befoune @befoune

    Cameroonian Activist

    The Minister clearly said "Whatever problem we have, there is always a way to solve it."(I guess he was acknowledging here that there is an Anglophone problem).

    Minister Tchiroma was asked "Since violence was the first reaction of the Government, was it a way to solve the problem?'
    The Minister said he NEVER said there is always a way to solve issues and... he said he did not get the question well.

    Watch and listen attentively.

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