Tuesday, 6 December 2016

University of Buea students bailed out from court free of charge, but case adjourned for Dec. 20th, 2016

Students in court

The University of Buea students who were still under custody after last Monday's arrests were taken to court yesterday December 6, 2016, where they were bailed for free.

Reports say while in court, the students were braving up with courage on their faces, but their hearts were pounding loudly for fear of the unknown.

Despite lawyers being on strike, they were defended, by a lawyer who went against the heat of the moment to defend them from injustice.

Three of the six accusers were not in court, and when the lawyer asked the presiding judge of their whereabouts, the State Counsel replied that they had been granted bail. At that the lawyer got furious with questions as 'what, how, when and who signed the bail?'. The lawyer further pressured to know why, of six students accused of a crime, three got bail, while three others where in court?.

In his all powerful and winning defense, the lawyer  said "these students were all in their room hiding from the violence out there". Pointing a finger he continued  "when their doors were broken and they were lashed in their houses to the point where one of them went unconscious before being taken to the police station and today there are accused of violating the law".

He pleaded his case intelligently, insisting on the release of the remaining three accused, and the heat he brought in court pushed the judge to take a 5 minutes recession. When hearing resumed, the judge adjourned the case for Dec, 20th, 2016, while all the students were released on freely bail.

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