Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Teachers finally walk out of the Ad Hoc Committee heads high as meeting ends in a deadlock

Last minute reports from Ayaba says the Teachers finally left the ad hoc committee head high, after putting three nails on the heads of the Yaounde delegation headed by Prof. Ghogomo Paul Director of the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

We had earlier reported how the teachers were held hostage in the meeting hall after they attempted to prematurely leave. They were ordered back to their seats and threatened by heavily armed men, who were present to intimidate them to call off their strike.

Tassang Wifred and peers requested for:
  • The release of all the youths arrested in Kumba and Bamenda, and who are still in custody with La Republique du Cameroun
  • The insertion of South West Teachers Representatives to the adhoc committee list and
  • An accountability of all those who died in prison
Speaking after the meeting, the Secretary General Tassang Wilfred in his own words said

" The meeting took us four hours. The committee is not properly constituted. It is biased. Our brothers and sisters in the SW are not part of the ad hoc committee, giving the impression that it is a NW-issue."

" The second objection is that the public wants the release of every child arrested before discussions can hold. Even those who died in prison must be accounted for."

It should be noted that the teachers were finally allowed to walk out of the meeting hall, after Social Media Bell rang loud and far about their hostage.

There are also indications that the strike may continue to December 2017 culminating to a referendum for a Federal structure with La Republic or Southern Cameroon Independence 

More photos of the meeting after the cut

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