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Social Media's present game online sex tape blackmail - Beware of Accepting Requests from unfamiliar friends

Social Media has brought so much good to the world, but like every good thing there is a bad side.

The rise of the Internet has also brought the rise of online blackmail. What do you do if you find yourself on the receiving end of blackmail threats?

Recently many people have completely deleted their Facebook profiles because they are being blackmailed by some unscrupulous people mainly from Benin and Nigeria, who uses pictures of opposite sexes to lure you into unholy romantic relationships and later turn your life into a nightmare, requesting huge sums of money from you.

Truth is that, if you pay a blackmailer once, you will pay him/her all your life.

In June, one of our readers shared her story and fortunately for her someone helped her got rid of the tape. She was fortunate, but what if you can't handle it before it blows off?.

What Is Online Blackmail?

First and foremost, what is blackmail, legally speaking? Blackmail is defined as using the knowledge of an illegal act to demand money or other services from an individual or group of people. 

Extortion, on the other hand, is defined as threatening your reputation in exchange for money, goods and services. 

Both, however, are crimes. 

Many online blackmailers claim that the law doesn't apply to Internet communications, but they're incorrect. Most nations agree laws that apply to phone and postal communications also apply to the Internet.

Most online extortion not only centers  around illegal acts, but on sensitive personal photographs or information, such as personal nude photographs or video recordings of intimate webcam sessions. 

Often the blackmailer will threaten to publicly post these photographs and will want either money, more photos goods or services.

But the big question is How does it start?

You get up one day, and see a friend's request from a Facebook User who has the picture of a white man or white lady on it. You accept the friends request, and then things start heating up between you both.

The next thing, they are pretending to be whites looking for a relationship with blacks, and makes you believe you are their dream come true. You get all excited and fall in their trap.

The next thing, they are requesting online sex from you. You foolishly and ignorantly naked yourself, and start doing everything wrong in the closet of your room. Meanwhile, they have put on a picture of a white guy or white lady on one of their screens, and you see it and think its them.

They ask you to open wide if you are a lady, and if you are a man, they tell you to scrub your penis hard. They are video taping your every action, and when you finally reach orgasm, they will tell you made their night, and they will profess their undying love for you.

The next thing you know, they won't call you for one or two days, and when they finally do, they will ask you to connect and behold, when you connect, your own very pornographic movie will be playing right in front of your own eyes.

You still don't understand what is happening, and the next thing you will read is 'pay such and such amounts into a certain account, or call a certain number for details'. Before you know it, they are contacting your friends online, asking them to tell you to contact them. Panic is what you have at that time, and if you are not careful, you might kill yourself, because you start imaging what the world will say if the video goes viral. You now become a slave to your blackmailers.

Others will take your photos, online, and create a pornographic movie of you, and you will be wondering how and when you got into such a situation.

In some cases, when you broke-up with your partner, and in the bonbon and honey days of the relationship, you did some dirty nasty posts or videos to keep you both close especially when you are far from each other, the first thing he or she uses to get back at you for rupturing the relationship will be to use those stuff to blackmail you and hold you hostage in the relationship.

How To Fight Online Extortion

The first step in fighting online extortion is to document everything. Take screenshots of everything the blackmailer sends to you: Every email, every chat session, everything you had sent needs to be collected and saved somewhere off your computer, such as in the form of print outs or saved to a thumb drive.

Secondly, you'll need to look at what they're demanding. Meeting their demands is not something you should do, regardless of the situation. Many blackmailers, especially those on the Internet, are doing what they do because they enjoy the power the scenario gives them, and there's no guarantee they won't return for more of whatever they want whenever they feel like it. Even if they're not demanding money, they actually may still be breaking the law. 

If a blackmailer is demanding more nudes of a teenager, then they are violating child pornography laws, for example. If money is being demanded, approach the police immediately.

It's worth noting that blackmailers in Africa may be difficult or impossible to arrest, but this doesn't mean you should give a stranger power over your life.

Can I Fight Blackmail Online And Protect My Privacy?

Unfortunately, in many of these situations, getting out without being embarrassed or possibly worse, depending on what the blackmailer has on you, may simply not be an option. All you can really do is accept the embarrassment and move on with your life, wherever that may take you. 

Ask yourself this: Do you really want to live your life in fear, never knowing when the blackmailer will show up again, or would you rather live with a bit of shame?.

Every situation is different. Some blackmailers may be bluffing or may fade away after being refused payment or blocked, while others may aim for real damage. Regardless,
You may feel helpless, but you can take action. The following strategies have proven useful for other survivors.


  • Inform the authorities that you are being blackmailed.
  • Keep in mind that paying is unlikely to stop the blackmailer's demands.
  • Don't confront the person (online or otherwise); end all contact with them immediately.
  • Place filters on your email account(s) to block their email address.
  • Block them from your social networking accounts and change the privacy settings to try to keep them accessing from your list of friends.
  • Change all of your passwords with strong, unique alphanumeric codes if you think you were hacked.
  • Consider starting new email accounts. Let contacts know that your old accounts were hacked and they should not open any message from them.
  • Password protect all of your devices.
  • Put a sticker over your webcam.
  • Do a search of your name online or set up alerts to notify you of anything new that involves your name.
We hope those suffering the emotional tortures from blackmailers finds this information useful.

We also offer counselling for those suffering from blackmailing setbacks. You can contact us on:

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