Sunday, 11 December 2016

Rumors of Ghost Town in Anglophone Regions send waves of panic


Reports from unconfirmed sources say there will be a ghost town today Monday 12th 2016, in all the Anglophone Regions, especially in the South West towns of Kumba, Buea, Tiko Mutengene, Limbe, Mamfe, Ekondo Titi etc...

The group sending this message advised people to stock their houses with enough foodstuff as shops will be closed in these areas, with no movement of people or vehicles.

Please, if this should happen stay indoors to avoid more bloodshed and lost of lives.

The stakeholders of this particular strike are still unknown and their motives for the strike actions are still undisclosed, but our antennas are high in the sky to gather whatever we can regarding the strike.

Stay tuned.

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