Tuesday, 27 December 2016

NOWELA dismisses Barrister Bobga Harmony MBUTON

Barrister Bobga Harmony MBUTON

Barrister Bobga's position in the ongoing anglophone struggle has been very biased, and at one point we thought NOWELA was with him in his Bafia dance.

From when he attended that all night vigil at Danpullo's Ndawara Estate,we knew he had already sold himself to the devil, as his language changed, because he had been blindfolded with shining notes in a brown envelop, to betray the people and put up a double face.

NOWELA's action and decision answered present just on time, before Barrister Bobga could bring disunity among brothers.

Well this decision should serve as a lesson to other TRAITORS like him, who think they can take advantage of the situation at hand to add chicken change into their old wallets.

Read the decision below
#The Struggle Continues
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