Sunday, 18 December 2016

MANYU People Refuse to Sing Cameroun's National Anthem at MAMFE Cultural Event

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This juicy gist is from a Facebook user Akoson Pauline Diale, and we shall present it as seen, without any mofification. Read below...
BREAKING NEWS: MANYU People Refuse to Sing Cameroun's National Anthem at MAMFE Cultural Event
- Tells Mamfe DO, mayor they can't sing a foreign anthem;

- Senator ANJA SIMON almost chased out of Akwa, AKWAYA.

An impeachable source from Mamfe has just hinted me of some drama that took place in Manyu over the weekend.
First, Manyu elites in Yaounde had refused to release their 53 million francs pledge for the sponsoring of the December 2016 Manyu Cultural Festival, FESTAC ... claiming that the people of Manyu were not 'cooperating' with government vis-a-vis the ongoing calls for a federation. 
The president of FESTAC Mr. Besong Michael did what he could to garner support from home and abroad and FESTAC 2016 held from Tuesday to Thursday of last week. 
It is on record that the DO of Mamfe, the mayor and their etat major stumbed the ocassion uninvited where they pressed for the singing of the national anthem to kickoff the occasion. This met with stiff resistance from the people who unanimously rebutted that 'they cannot sing the anthem of a foreign country'. Sources say an infuriated DO left in anger and rage swearing to 'punish' whoever! Whatever that means.
Senator TABETANDO from Mamfe Central pushed through to Tinto town, Upper Bayang sub-division to organise a CPDM rally which failed and backfired. A provocating turnout of less than 50 persons told him to his face to "GO DO THAT IN HIS SUB-DISVION AND LET HIS OWN PEOPLE LISTEN TO HIM".
Senator ANJA Simon had his own dose of humiliation at AKWA village, AKWAYA sub-division. The villagers are reported to have warned him and threatened that if he were not their own son, he wouldn't have left alive. They asked him to leave the village immediately to not provoke their wrath.
Senators ANJA and TABETANDO will be returning to their masters at Yaounde with their tails between their legs and dropped heads.
Source: Ako Abunaw in Mamfe town: 679730575

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