Tuesday, 27 December 2016

John Ngu Foncha's statue erected in Douala today molested and destroyed by a police officer

A police officer whose name we are still trying to get was at the center of attraction  today Dec. 27 2016, in the economic city of Douala, after he pulled down and destroyed a monument of late former Southern Cameroon's Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha, few hours after it was erected by a local socio-political activist Andre Blaise Essama .

Andre Blaise Essama who just came out from jail in September 2016 after spending 6 months, is known for destroying monuments of French Colonial Masters, with that of General Le Clerc, erected at the Bonanjo central Post Office, that saw him serve two prison terms.

Foncha's statue that was erected at Carrefour Equinox Bonakouamouang Douala by Essama, was already pulling an admirative crowd, with questions on their lips. But before answers to their questions could come, a police van pulled by and a police officer came out, brutalized and destroyed it, before dragging it behind their van as rubbish.

We cannot yet figure out the motive behind the erection and destruction of the iconic monument, but from every indication, the police officer was instructed to do so, because no ordinary policeman in his right senses, can venture into such assignments on his own, coupled with the tense situation in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.

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