Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hillary’s Demands For Recount Backfires, Might Face Jail Because Of It


Hillary Clinton has involved herself in Jill Stein’s push for recounts of votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Of course, this whole thing is a terrible idea—especially given Clinton’s current standing with the law.
According to a newly published book, Obama told Clinton to concede when it became clear that she was losing in the three battleground states and no longer had any hope of winning the White House. Fortunately, Clinton took the advice and made the call.
Trump was clearly moved by what Clinton said to him on that phone call.
It was a tough call for her. She couldn’t have been nicer,” Trump later said in his interview with 60 Minutes. “She’s very strong and very smart.”
In turning her back on Trump this week, Clinton ignored one important fact—as president, Donald Trump could prosecute her for her many crimes.
Trump has already responded to Clinton’s decision to back Stein with outrage—arguing that she has already conceded.

What do you think of Hillary’s decision? Was this the worst move she could have made?

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