Monday, 19 December 2016

Dr. Nalova Lyonga Vice Chancellor of UB humiliated at the Yaounde Nsimalene Airport - Rumours say her passeport has been seized as well

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The hunter has now become the hunted, as wide spread confirmed rumours say Mbamba Nalova's passport was seized at the Yaounde Nsimalene Airport, after Brussel Airlines refused to board her on the 2:05 P.M flight of Saturday Dec. 2016.

Apparently, Mbamba was on her way to the US to gather some fresh air, after she had been hinted that sparrowhawk was was hovering all over the place for her. She had no idea that she was being spied and followed by men in dark glasses sent by her boss.

She was told at check-in that higher instructions(probably from Etoudi) have barred her from the list of passengers, and while she was inquiring more, some policemen walked up to her, and took her into the VIP lounge at the airport, where apparently she answered some tough questions. Her car was seen hours later, leaving the airport, as she wiped sweat off her face.

Even though she is back to work, she is under high investigation and not allowed to leave the country.

It should be recalled that on November 28th, students from the University of Buea went out to protest peacefully but were brutally molested by security forces that the Vice-Chancellor had ordered into the University Campus. The security forces massacred students on and off Campus, broke into the homes of students got them well beaten, raped and arrested over 200 of them. This action was widely condemned both by the national and international community.

Below a comment of another eye witness from Bareta News
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