Sunday, 11 December 2016

Bamenda Riots - France 24 Reporter Zigoto Tchaya kidnapped in Bamenda

Zigoto Tchaya

Reports say Zigoto Tchaya reporting on the Bamenda incidents for France 24 has been arrested!!!! A message we just received from him! The full message reads:
´I have been arrested in Bamenda. They took me alone with camera in Bali as soon as I just interviewed Barrister Bobga and I was about to get into the car. A host of masked and dark security officers surrounded the car and asked me to follow them. I asked why, they said it's an order from Yaounde! I told them that am receiving instructions from France and not yaounde or Cameroon government! They got annoyed and bundled me up into their van. I am now at the security service in the office of the governor of the north west region´

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