Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bamenda Masse Arrest . List of youths arrested in Bamenda


The following youths were arrested on the Dec. 6 2016, and taken to GMI Bamenda, where they were moved to the Central police on the same day. 

Reports say on Dec. 8th 2016, they were transferred to the Bamenda Central Prison by a Prefectoral Order from the SDO of Mezam.

1. Chi Nsoh Ringobell

2. Langha Clearance Boi
3. Tatae Ncok
4. Roger Gadinga
5. Asangon Joseph
6. Penny Nickson Asobo
7. Che Roger Funwi
8. Mbah Louis
9. Bah Joel
10. Bruno Taneng
11. Valentine Biyemah
12. Donsong Miafo Herman
13. Ngwa Denis
14. Tikom Charles
15. Niba Oliver
16. Nziki Solomon
17. Nkwenti Sama Emmanuel Penn
18. Mbi Louis
19. Akewo Casen
20. Kenneth Fobah
21. Acha Mbah Valary
22. Atawan Feojus
23. Yembeh Clinton
24. Mudoh Elvis Abong
25. Fongole Lesley
26. Menia Ferdinand
27. Winceslaus Azeh
28. Tamngwa Malvin Tamngwa
29. Abwuo Desmond Tita

They are all  between the ages of 18-30 years, and reports say some of them are sick, especially Asangong Joseph who was shot on the right lap,and is receiving no medical attention. 

Other parents say they don't know the where about of their children. 

Please publish this list as wide as possible so that parents can can have hints of where their children are.

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