Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Bamenda inhabitants blocks the Santa entrance as rumors spreads about CPDM's plans to import militants from the West Region to attend their rally in Bamenda today


It is still as early as 6 a.m in Cameroon, and vibes are already emanating from the North West Regional Capital of Bamenda, about nasty moves from the ruling CPDM party planning to import militants from the nearby Western Region to attend their meeting scheduled today in Bamenda.

Bamenda being the chief opposition town in Cameroon is not ready for a fairplay with the CPDM party, amidst the tension in the area that began in November 21st 2016, as they expected the party head President Paul Biya to give them what they long for.

As at now, Bamenda is in ghost town, with every place, streets, markets, schools and bars are sealed. To address the tension in its own way, CPDM militants from Yaounde including Big Brother Prime Minister Philemon Yang, present anglophone worst enemy Paul Atanga Nji will be part of the meeting today. 

The ambiance of the meeting is looking blurred, and rumors holds that the ever manipulating CPDM party has decided to import militants from the Western Region to come and add to their numbers to fool the world that all is glittering in Cameroon for the government.

The smart Bamenda people have already camped around the Santa entrance of Bamenda, ready to curb down any vehicle transporting CPDM militants from the West into Bamenda.

Today should be 'WATCHED OUT' in Bamenda.

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