Sunday, 18 December 2016

Anglophone Teachers Strike - Schools doors might still remain closed next year , as Teachers Union says strike continues till they decide otherwise

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The government has been shouting yupiii, over supposed victory on trampling on the teachers, because according to them, they will use violence and force to oblige them back to class.

With the premature close down of schools during the First term, where even students from dormitory schools were sent home without report booklets, the striking teachers are more resolute than ever, and if things were normal, schools would have been officially closing this week.

However, speaking on Equinox Tv's 'The Inside' program where they were guests, the Secretary General of CATTU and other leaders of Teacher's trade unions in the English Speaking Regions say the strike continues until they decide otherwise. Therefore school resumption next year is still uncertain.

The struggle continues and we must win.

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