Sunday, 11 December 2016

Anglophone Crisis - Pastor Kenedy Ejacha slams Justice Ayah Paul Abine for undermining the struggles of the people of West Cameroon

Pastor Kenedy Ejacha 

Following Justice Ayah Paul's recent publication of the so-called list of Anglophone leaders who will be  representing the community on the dialogue table with the government, many anglophones have reacted to his action, saying it is manipulative and egocentric, as Ayah Paul seem not to be genuine, but has a hidden agenda, using the situation at hand to carefully hatch his plans for his interest in the nearest future.
Well, I came across this one, and thought is was worth sharing.
It's from a Man of God, who also thinks Ayah Paul is undermining the people's struggle.
Read on...
My one cent advice to Justice Paul Ayah Abine
"I need someone to help me get this message to Justice Ayah Paul Abine, please stop this erratic behavior that tends to undermine the seriousness of the Struggle for Social Justice for the people of West Cameroon. 

We are not that cheap to the point where our leadership should be plugged from the social media market Square. Sir, I have tremendous respect for you. 

I am honored to have served as a Senior Staffer at the National Assembly of Cameroon at the time when your enigmatic persona became household in Cameroon as a result of your defiance against the retrogressive mentality of your former political party mates of the CPDM. So I know firsthand your repulsion for the CPDM régime. 

However, without casting any great doubts on your motives, I find your most recent behavior on social networks to be very irresponsible for a leader of your stature. 

While I find that our people are currently engaged in the battle for their lives, it becomes very demeaning that you use a forum as porous as social media to want to chart a cause for the determination of the leadership of our people. 

What about those lawyers, teachers, and members of the civil society who started the movements that have brought us this far? Do you think they don't have the ability to espouse the mantra of Leadership? Why do you join the chorus of the CPDM regime's henchmen who throw insults at those who started this new chapter of highlighting the plagues of West Cameroon that are very much similar to those of the other regions of Cameroon?

My best advice to you and to many others reading this piece is that we should coalesce behind the leadership of the teachers, lawyers, and civil society and help push what they started to an expected end. Let us all join our voices and tell the CPDM regime that those lawyers, teachers, and elements of our civil society who started this new chapter of peaceful demonstration have the support of all their brothers and sisters".

God bless you.

Pastor Kenedy Ejacha 
For a New and Better Cameroon.

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