Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Anglophone Crisis _ Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku release Joint Statement on how to force the government of LRC to an immediate and unconditional dialogue

Prominent Anglophone Political Activist/Blogger Mark Bareta and Prominent online Anglophone SC Political Activist Tapang Ivo Tanku both of whom are in the Diaspora have released a Joint Statement with guidelines on how to push tight Biya and his government to the wall, so that they give us the Freedom we are fighting for.

I won't comment much on the details, since everything is clearly written in the language we all best understand. I implore you all to patiently read it from start to finish and Endorse or Oppose.

Joint statement between Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku
You, me, and millions of supporters across West Cameroon who have joined the movement for change have one more task to drive our collective efforts to victory over the gangster regime. Paul Biya and his Atanga Njis' don’t want any of this to happen. They are desperate to protect the gangster status quo that has been so good for them and terrible for us. And they are spending hundreds of our millions of FCFA in desperate attempts to fracture us.
We say NO.
Here is a robust plan we are putting forward for immediate and unconditional dialogue ONLY.
1. The unconditional release of all persons arrested and languishing in la Republique jails. This should be a starter for any dialogue to commence.
2. Where injustice becomes the law, civil disobedience becomes the duty. Following the Northwest civil society call for a boycott of taxes, every English-speaking citizen should boycott paying taxes. The resistance begins with us. Why do we want to give to Ceasar what is not his? We have been marginalized for more than half a century. Hence, we must not fund our oppressors.
3. The citizens living abroad should continue with the flag challenge. It is their means of expressing frustration and the absence of dialogue. The Cameroon flag has one star instead of two stars. It ignores the English-speaking part of the country. The change from two stars to one star was dubiously carried out by a single leader, Paul Biya in 1984 without any credible dialogue with all relevant parties.
4. For those of us back home wanting to take up the flag challenge, against our will, do it with care and caution while prioritizing your safety first in a bid to avoid killings or lawful arrests. We live in a gangster regime that accepts only its own flag. So avoid public disrespect of the Cameroon flag. To play safe, avoid facial recognition with taking on a flag challenge. Hoisting another flag on the territory could trigger more deaths. Just be vigilant and educate others.
5. In the spirit of Hon. Awudu , we must continue, and start bringing down any French post in Anglophone Cameroon that does not carry the English translation. They do not serve our collective interests.
6. We must look for means in stopping food supply to the entire French-speaking regions for two months starting January 2, 2017. We should alert our families back home to stockpile food for that entire period.

7. We MUST BOYCOTT February 11, 2017. It is a useless day. 98 percent of Anglophone citizens are below the age of 55. Do we enjoy equality? Do we enjoy youth employment? Do we enjoy our FULL RIGHTS? Send the strongest signal to Yaounde through boycotts and not speeches. We have and listened to speeches since 1961. We want dialogue.
8. We must avoid paying toll gate fees. Fru Ndi called for its boycott last year. The fees do not benefit us and the tax collectors do not account to the taxpayers. We MUST NOT pay for what we cannot hold to account or question power.
9. We must withdraw our support from the Indomitable Lions since none of the lions publicly condemned the military brutality of students and the killing of unarmed citizens by the gangster regime forces. We will sponsor our local leagues and push our local players to higher heights.
In this regard, here is the plan for the upcoming biggest non-partisan protest rally to hold in the world on January 2, 2016.
10. We should start a serious collective campaign to transparently raise funds -- at least USD 20$ for each person, to fund the activities of the legal non-partisan consortium whose objectives are clear on dialogue only.
11. Do not fight each other for their views on Federalism or Secession. You can do nothing about that. Fight the common enemy ahead because we have a common winning strategy to bring that enemy to the dialogue table. Stop wasting useful energy in attacking other fighters. You are only a distraction to this struggle.
In this regard, however, we will be staging the biggest worldwide walk ever in world's history to peacefully protest the plights of Anglophones on Federalism or Secession on the dialogue table. The peaceful protest could take the following form:
1. Mola Njoh Litumbe, Hon. Wirba Joseph and Hon. Joshua Osih heads the delegation to Buea where they could lead the peaceful long walk from Bongo Square to the Molyko Stadium.
2. Hon. Ayah Paul Abine and Fru Ndi could lead the peaceful walk from Up Station Hill Bamenda to Commercial Avenue.
3. Raymond Akosoh and Ashu Kingsley could lead the peaceful walk in Kumba.
4. Mola Mayor Njong Donatus could lead the peaceful walk in Kumbo.
5. Prince Ekosso could lead the peaceful march in Limbe alongside other volunteers from Limbe.
6. Those in the diaspora could quickly mobilize and do this protest across all your cities. If you are on a vacation or holiday, touch base with the locals.
Meantime, any other proposed names are welcome as we plan towards this big rally in Anglophone Cameroon. we reiterate that the peaceful protest seeks dialogue only through the non-use of violence, peace, no confrontations, no provocations, boycotts, no party uniforms and no flags. All demonstrators would use simple banners carrying key messages on Federalism or Secession on the dialogue table.

Done and endorsed by Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku.

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