Thursday, 1 December 2016

"All the married people I know are unhappy" Charlotte Dipanda defends her life of celibacy

Charlotte Dipanda
Charlotte Dipanda

Cameroon's golden voice sweetheart Charlotte Dipanda has said married is not a necessity. The "Coucou" singer who is not bothered about societal pressure on her celibacy  thinks happiness cannot be derived only by being married.

The Afro pop music star was responding to journalists of "The Voice Afrique Francophone", giving her point of view about love and marriage.

"All the married people I know are unhappy. Just to tell you that to me, marriage as you define it is not an objective in life. It is not an objective nor something that disturbs my sleep at night. I even feel that I am on the right part because at times when it is done, you realize that they are not into it like before, or they do not struggle in the same way ".

"I love the idea of knowing that my man is afraid to lose me, that he does not considers me as a property. Moreover, I think that it is something that will come when I will find the person who shares the same values of marriage like me. I don't have the societal pressure that wants a woman to get married obligatorily, because we only get married when we are ready, and not because the society is imposing it on us".

"I live my life, and I think I am in the phase of  the vision on couple life today. I am very easy going by the quality of relationship I share with my partner. If it happens one day that I am no longer there, at that time, we shall see". She confided.

2016 is Charlotte's most accomplished year, with one of her accomplishments being the interpretation with Richard Kings, of the most applauded  Cameroon 2016 African Women Cup of Nations hymn entitled "Welcome" composed by Romeo Dika.

Watch 'Welcome' as you feel the beauty of Cameroon.

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