Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Two days old baby stolen in a Government hospital in Douala - Minister Andre Mama Fouda makes a giant leap

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Minister Andre Mama Fouda

Reports say a two days old baby has been stolen from the Souboum District hospital in Douala, on Saturday November 26 2016.

Sources say the mother of the baby left her child sleeping peacefully, to go to the bath, and when she returned, her baby had disappeared. 

Witnesses confirmed the suspicious presence of a 25 year old lady who had spent the night in the maternity section of the hospital, pretending to be watching over a patient.

The security guard of the hospital was reportedly absent from his duty post during the incident, and for the first time, the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda acted immediately, issuing an Information Note addressing the situation.

Yesterday Monday 28th, Minister Mama Fouda in the Information Note, cautioned the public to be vigilant, in case they come across any  25 year old lady with a young baby.

The security guard has been arrested, and is being questioned at the Douala Judicial Police Station.

Read the Minister's Note below in French as usual.

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