Friday, 25 November 2016

The US Embassy denied Miss Cameroon 2016 a Visa because she had no intention of leaving the US after the contest

Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack, Miss Cameroun 2016

The President of the Organizing Committee of Miss Cameroon says the American Embassy refused to issue a visa for Miss Cameroon 2016 to attend the 66th Edition of Miss World 2016 Contest, because Miss Cameroon 2016 Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack  had no intentions of returning to Cameroon.

During an interview with Vision4 TVSolange Ingrid Amougou, President of the Organizing Committee of Miss Cameroon said it was all Miss Julie's fault. "It looks like she was not going to return to Cameroon. We had done everything, and it is not the Organizing Committee that issues visas. The previous candidates all obtained visas to participate in the Miss World Contest, why is this year's candidate different?" Solange Amougou said.

The President also blamed Miss Julie for involving herself with political issues, by organizing a political march against Boko Haram.

When contacted on phone, Miss Cameroon 2016 Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack refused talking about the issue. "I can't tell you anything as of now" she said before putting off her phone.

In February 2016, Miss Cameroon 2015 Jessica Ngoua was refused a visa to France, where she was invited to take part in the Miss Diaspora election.

Another hidden truth we know is that Miss Cameroon 2016 Julie Cheugeu Nguimfack's name was never on the list of the more than 110 candidates contesting or the Miss World 2016.

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