Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Administration of theUniversity of Buea uses Presidential Excellency Award to lure students back to Campus

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After molesting unarmed innocent students who were just reclaiming what was right and just, the Administration of the University of Buea now thinks they can use the name of the much manipulated Presidential Excellency Award to make students quickly forget their pains and humiliations.

Well, the UB administration says the names of students omitted for the reception of the Presidential Excellency Award have been rectified by the Ministry of Higher Education, and call them to go to the Treasury as from today Thursday December 1st 2016, to collect their rights.

Come to think of it, were thingss supposed to have gone out of hand before they make a move? Which means, the students were right to have protested in a loud voice after all.

What about those in the hospital and those locked up?

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