Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Stolen Baby recovered and handed back to her legitimate Mother

Rosine Mawabo and Baby Divine

The two days old baby stolen from the Soboum District hospital has been found and returned to its legitimate mother Rosine Mawabo.

According to the baby's father Bakam Blaise, his friend signaled him that a young lady arrived their Bonamoussadi neighboorhood with a new born baby on Saturday night.

The suspicious baby thief Menyie Sorelle Nadia is not a resident in the neighboorhood, but her mother who is said to have orchestrated the whole game, has been a resident of that area for long.

Together with his informant friend, the baby's father Blaise, started an underground investigation, and when it became clear that there was actually a new born baby whose mother had remained indoors, the police was alerted, and that was how the 22 years old Sorelle was arrested.

Baby Divine

Sorelle who had told her husband she was pregnant is still insisting that the baby is hers and that she delivered on Friday night, but cannot remember the health unit where she delivered.

The baby who has been surnamed Divine and her real mother were taken to the Douala military hospital, where medical analysis were carried out, with results revealing she is actually Rosine's stolen baby. 

The happy mother and her baby Divine are presently receiving free medical coverage at the Douala Military hospital.

Meanwhile the guard of the Souboum hospital alongside  two other nurses are still under custody.

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