Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sports - Fan kills friend because of Samuel Eto'o Fils

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Samuel Eto'o Fils

Report says a young man killed his friend in France because of Cameroon's Football god Samuel Eto'o Fils. According to cameroon.niooz reporting on the story, three years ago, two friends  Morgan Prevost and Martin Eckman were drinking while playing a football video game, when an argument erupted.

Neighbours said the heavy argument was preceded by total silence some minutes later, when Morgan Prevost 24 years old called the police and lied that he came into Martin Eckman's apartment and found his corpse in a pool of blood.

During investigation it was discovered that Martin died after some violence, and that his body also had deep wounds from stabbing, which led to the arrest of Morgan.

This incident is being reported today, because during the court hearing of last week,  the culprit Morgan Prevost finally confessed why he stabbed his friend to death.

He explained that he and his late friend were playing a football video game, and he was winning his friend with many goals. His friend who was on the losing end began denigrating his avatars, that had Samuel Eto'o as his best player in the game.  

Morgan said his friend started insulting Samuel Eto'o Fils who in the virtual game had successfully defiled his adversary's defense and was scoring more and more goals.

"Nigger, black monkey etc.." were the actual words that Martin Eckman was using to insult Morgan's favorite player, even though according to Morgan, these insults did not stop Samuel's avatar from scoring continuously.

Etoo's many goals infuriated Martin the more to the extend that he started a fight. Morgan said Martin Eckman pulled out a knife because they were in his apartment, but overpowered him, seized the knife, and stabbed his friend Martin Eckman, leaving his lifeless body in the pool of his own blood.

Morgan Prevost and his lawyer pleaded in court that he acted in self defense, because if he had not killed his friend, the reverse would have happened.

Public opinion applauds Morgan, for fighting for his 'idol' Samuel Eto'o, and others have said they would have acted the same if anyone dared to bring down Eto'o in anyway.

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