Wednesday, 23 November 2016

SDF Parliamentary Group decries attempt on Ni John Fru Ndi's life in the ongoing military / Civilian battle in the NW Region of Cameroon

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The Peoples' Representatives of Cameroon's chief opposition party the Social Democratic Front(SDF), has issued another Position Statement, addressing the ongoing military/civilian confrontations in the North West Regional Capital of Bamenda and its environs.

In the Statement, the SDF Parliamentary group disagreed with military intrusion into the city of Bamenda, that has resulted to the killing and injuring of innocent civilians.

They also feared for the life of their Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi,  whose Ntarikon residence was thundered with canisters, bullet shots and tear gases, that the MPs say were  targeted to put an end to his life.

They called on the International Community to bear witness to the hostility of the Cameroon government towards its marginalized citizens, and also called on the President Biya to withdraw his intimidating Forces of Law and Order, so citizens can demonstrate their frustrations in peace.

To the families of victims, the group shared their deepest sympathy and courage.

This is the second Position statement, the MPs are making since the start of the Lawyers/Teachers strike. The first was to dissociate themselves from the meeting the Common Law Lawyers had with a fraction of Members of Parliament, as a way forward for their crisis.

Read the statement below:

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