Friday, 25 November 2016

Prime Minister Philemon Yang contradicts Paul Atanga Nji and finally acknowledges that Anglophones have problems

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Prime Minister Philemon Yang

The enlarged Peace talks between the Prime Minister Philemon Yang representing the Government of Cameroon, Lawyers and Teachers Representatives, Religious, Political, Traditional and Administrative authorities that was holding in the North West Regional Chief city of Bamenda finally ended late last night, with no concrete decision.

The meeting that was blocked from the media saw Prime Minister Yang being challenged as to whether the Anglophones had problems, or not, and contrarily to the declarations of the Minister of State Incharge of Special duties at the Presidency Paul Atanga Nji who said Anglophones had no problem, Prime Minister Yang acknowledged that Anglophones are marginalized, and that he and the Head of State will work hand in hand towards a solution.

The first part of the meeting which was the toughest, saw the Anglophones present demanding Federalism, which the Prime was not expecting, and debate on this dragged on till they went on break.

When the meeting resumed some few minutes after 7 p.m, the teachers demanded that all their colleagues arrested in connection with the recent strike action be released with immediate effect. 

The lawyers also insisted that all those who violated them, and seized their wigs and robes should be brought to justice. 

Some recommendations where made and handed to Prime Minister who is to present them to his boss Mr. Paul Biya.

However, owing to the fact that no concrete decisions except recommendations were reached at, the teachers and lawyers have insisted on continuing with their strike action, until they have a tangible reason to stop.

We shall be bringing you details of the recommendations before mid-day. Don't log out

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