Friday, 25 November 2016

Prime Minister Philemon Yang wakes up from Francophone drug, cautions Ministers on Biligualism

Photo for: PM chairs cabinet meeting
Prime Minister Philemon Yang

It is no news that those ruling our country Cameroon are not Bilingual, starting from the Head of State, who is a cramming master of the English language, down to his Ministers and other authorities, who are all French speakers, unable to address  situations in English, talk-less of preparing official documents in both English and French respectively.

Everything in Cameroon is in French, even information for the attention of the Anglophones are ever in French.

It is in this light that Prime Minister Philemon Yang told Ministers during a Cabinet Minister of yesterday November 24th 2016, to  "respect bilingualism as stated in the law, especially with the publication of official information".

Focus of yesterday's Cabinet meeting, was on Cameroon's
commitment to implement international decisions relating to climate change.

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