Monday, 14 November 2016

Politics - Why Carlos Ngoualem beat the living day light out of the mouth running Abel Elimby Lobe

Eye witnesses have confirmed that Abel Elimby Lobe was the first to have laid his hands on Carlos Ngoualem, provoking Carlos to beat the living day light out of him.

The witnesses told HTL reporter that  after the heated TV program on Canal2 International, where Elimby Lobe accused and exposed the Social Democratic Front in so many things that would have been better left unsaid, Elimby insisted that SDF was corrupt and that cautions that was refunded to militants disappeared to the profit of others under the table.

Elimby revealed that SDF had sued Carlos in court, and that the same SDF, accepted Carlos' candidature as President of Douala 5 constituency, where he won, which was against the internal rules governing the party.

After the program were both men had watched their dirty linens especially Elimby, Carlos approached Elimby and 'warned him to stop soiling his name every where'. Elimby replied that 'he will not stop, and that he will talk about Carlos anyhow,anywhere and any day he wants'. 

The witnesses precised that it was the same Elimby who made the first brutal advances towards Carlos, and pushed him hard on the chest so that Carlos lost balance and found himself on the floor. When Carlos managed to regain resistance and stood on his feet, he punched Elimby really hard until blood ran out of his nose.

Contacted on phone, Carlos Ngoualem said "we are men, I wouldn't have allowed myself to be brutalized by him'. 

Elimby was however the first to publish photos of his bleeding nose, saying he was assaulted by Carlos.

Elimby Lobe, was the former Assistant Communication Secretary of Ni John's SDF. He resigned from the party prior to his suspension by the National Executive Committee of the party for his multiple display of indiscipline. He has ever since been calling the party and its militants bad names in the media.

Read Carlos' version of the story, and Elimby's post after the incident

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