Saturday, 26 November 2016

Obama Just Bought A New House… But There’s Something Very Odd, Look Very Closely


Throughout his two terms as president, Barack Obama has lectured the American people about the importance of embracing diversity. That’s why Obama has just made a very interesting choice for his next home.
According to reports from Daily Caller, the Obamas just bought their fifth home this week in Rancho Mirage, a small golf resort town near Palm Springs. The town is only 1.5 percent black and 88 percent white. Clearly, Obama has chosen to live in a wealthy community instead of a diverse one.
Rancho Mirage is also the home to 12 golf courses, which is one of Obama’s favorite hobbies. As we know, he spends a good amount of time playing golf—at least now it won’t be paid for by the American public.
In the latest census, 88.7 percent of the population in Rancho Mirage was white, with 81.7 percent registering as non-Hispanic white. Only 1.5 percent of the local population is African American.

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