Sunday, 27 November 2016

Kidnapped child found in Garoua found in Nigeria and returned to family

Photo for: Child trafficking: a happy end to a sad story

Report say a five year old boy Ndoh Bidai Daniel who was abducted in Garoua on November 19th 2016 by a certain 24 years old Salamatou Djibrila has been recovered and handed back to his family

Gendamerie sources say Djibrila, mother of a three year boy used candy to lure her victim Ndoh Bidai Daniel while he was playing with his siblings, kidnapped and took him to Nigeria through a child tracficking network whose roots are deep in the Northern Regions of Cameroon.
When the parents of Ndoh discovered his disappearance, they immediately alerted the Forces of Law and Order, who immediately sent out a search party. 

The security men at the borders set the search machine rolling, and finally discovered the missing child in the company of his kidnapper who had taken him from Garoua to Nigeria 

Salamatou Djibrila the  kidnapper had plans of selling her victim at a yet to be disclosed amount of money.
The kidnapper and her prey were both conveyed to the Gendarmerie in Garoua where Salamatou unremorsefully detailed her intentions.

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