Thursday, 10 November 2016

Health - Circumcised men in high risk of New Cancer

Report says UK  Scientists have discovered a new type of Cancer known as 'Forpenal Cancer'.

This cancer affects men who have cut their foreskins and other men with foreskin. They discovered that there is a carcinogen(a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) in the underwear that affects the internal skin of the penis directly. This carcinogen is very concentrated and it comes from the anus mixed with sweat.
Upon learning of the shocking information the South African Minister Of Health himself Mr Aaron Motsoaledi has publicly encouraged men to immediately stop circumcision until the government finds the most effective way to fight the new disease. 
When this information was released, the Minister confirmed on phone that ”As faeces are passed, some remain inside and some are even trapped by the hair around anus. In that case all those who are circumcised are in danger as the carcinogen eventually reaches the penis. We have since received reports of forpenal cancer around South Africa and the statistics are very disturbing”.
Health - Circumcised men in high risk of New Cancer 
In an effort to reduce panic from the citizens and other circumcised men who may need counselling, the warning which was first posted of the South African government health website has been taken down pending communication through formal state media.
The Minister further urged all citizens to share the warning on various platforms to save lives. 
Dear  Thatcherers and Thatcheresses, share as much as you can so that our own Government too can investigate and take measures.

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