Friday, 25 November 2016

Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique persuades the inhabitants of Bamenda to resume their activities

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Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique

The Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele L'Afrique has been under fire ever since the peaceful teachers strike in Bamenda changed phase to become a war action film between the population and the armed Forces.

Since Monday November 21st 2016, Bamenda has been the center of attraction, with rioting that killed one and wounded hundreds.

Bamenda has been under military siege, and all activities have been on a standstill, reason why Governor Lele took the initiative to walk down the streets of Bamenda, persuading people to resume their activities.

The Governor spent the  whole day of yesterday Nov. 24, going from shed to shed in the Bamenda Central market, persuading women to resume their activities, for their own good and the welfare of the country.

The market women on their part were flattered by the presence of the Governor, and saluted his initiative promising  him they will carry out his request.

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