Monday, 21 November 2016

Disclaimer Notice from Musango Bus Service on false message circulating on Social Media about Proprietor Andrew Motanga

The Management of Musango Bus Service hereby refutes all information circulating on the Social Media that the Proprietor Mr. Andrew Motanga made a public confession in a certain church on Sunday November 13th 2016, saying he had pledged the lives of innocent people through his bus services come December, in exchange for a Ministerial position with the government.

Musango's Management wants to inform the general public that on Sunday morning November 13th 2016, Mr Andrew Motanga was at his residence in Mokundange-Limbe, and for the rest of the day was involved in the preparations of the ongoing AFWCON(African Women Cup of Nations) 2016.

He worships with PC Mokundange when he can and has never been to any other church unless upon invitation, talk less of confessing the unimaginable. 

The Management thereby challenges those circulating these fake messages to publicly provide: 
  • The name of the church
  • The name of the pastor
  • A video or audio clip at least. and
  • A picture of Mr. Motanga making such a confession.
MUSANGO BUS SERVICE remains committed in providing excellent customer services to our clients.
We wish you all an excellent Monday and week ahead. May God bless you.
MBS - The Pride of Fako.

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