Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Clearance of controversies on death of raped UB student - Estela is not death, and she is not Ayong Magdalene

Shiynyuy Estela  presently receiving treatment at the Adventists Hospital Buea

A controversial post is streaming online on the death of one of the UB girls raped by President Biya and Vice Chancellor Nalova's military mongo fires, who invaded the students residents, and committed atrocities including rape.

Fake Information on the post

However, some 'apprentices sorcieres' with intentions as bad as the enemies fighting us have transformed the incident into expensive jokes, creating doubt and credibility of the incident. 

The initiator of this post Yufenyuy Renie Berinyuy quickly took it down, after he realized his blunder, but not before smart copy-paster cats outsmarted him and did their job on social media.

HTL however contacted miss Loveline Womila Nene, sister of the alledged death victim Shiynyuy Estela, who said her sister is alive and responding to treatment, but that the Doctors have requested for a head scan which they will be travelling to the Douala General Hospital tomorrow for.
The victim before the unfortunate incident

Loveline said she met her 23 year old student Estela unconscious that fateful Monday Nov. 28 in her hostel, after she had been brutalised and abandoned to herself. That was how she rushed her to the Adventist hospital in Buea where she is receiving treatment.

However, Loveline confirmed Estela wasn't raped, even though she was badly beaten.

We pray God to give their family the courage to sail through this difficult moment in life. In Jesus Name - Amen.

Loveline and Estella in good days

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