Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cameroon - Update on the Boumeyebel Road Accident 5 persons confirmed death

As reported some few hours ago, another ghastly motor accident  occurred  this afternoon around Boumnyebel, killing 5 persons including two children.

The accident was caused by a truck matriculated LT SR584 AG, belonging to SUPERMONT.

Below is the list of those who lost their:

1- Esomba Essomba Germain - worker of  African Road
2- Yiagnigni Aboubakar, worker of RAZEL, born on  02          February 1961 at  Njibot

3- A one year old baby name Mapouma 
4- Ngo Libi épouse Koy Emmanuel aged  70 years
5- A baby Ngo Bayiha Charles, who died in the Pouma 
    Hospital some minutes later

Due to the traumatizing nature of the images of the accident, we have decided not to put it online.

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