Friday, 11 November 2016

Cameroon - Senate - "I congratulate the measures taken by the Head of State to manage the Eseka Disaster" Senate President said

Senate President Marcel Nyiat Njifenji

The last Parliamentary session of the year opened yesterday Thursday  Nov. 10 2016, and the President of the Upper House Marcel Niat Njifenji  spoke about the Friday Oct. 21st Eseka train crash in his opening and welcoming speech,

After presenting his condolences to families of the victims, Niat Njifenji equally used the opportunity to congratulate the maturity of Cameroonians after the disaster, and also congratulated his best booh President Paul Biya for his high level management of the incident.

"I congratulate all the measure taken by the Head of State  in managing this disaster that plagued our country".  The Senate President declared. He also talked of government's  medical support to the victims.

Talking about the high measures, President Nyiat was referring to the National mourning day of Oct. 24 2016 decreed by President Biya and the Investigating Committee headed by Prime Minister Philemon Yang that he put put in place.

Till date, there is still high contradictions on the number of victims who lost their lives. While official government reports talk of 76, many people know and believe that  there are many more undeclared death.

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