Monday, 7 November 2016

Cameroon - SDF - Abel Elimby Lobe resigns, says Ni John Fru Ndi is corrupt - Video

Abel Elimby Lobe

Suspended from the SDF party during NEC's meeting of Sat. Nov. 5 2016, Abel Elimby Lobe finally decided to resign yesterday Sunday Nov. 6 2016 from the party. 

Speaking live on STV's  7 Hebdo program yesterday, Elimby Lobe explained why he decided to divorce from SDF.

"SDF is severely damaged on the moral plan, internally lacking on the administrative plan. I have the feeling that this party no longer represents  the alternative that we believed in since its creation in 1990, as compared to the CPDM. SDF has become corrupted and rotten inside, and these are the reasons that motivated  me to decide that I could no longer collaborate with this political family. I now belong to the category of men who are trying to work  to gather Cameroonians of good faith, to develop a new political alternative" Elimby Lobe declared. 

Speaking on what according to him was the cause of his suspension, Elimbly had this to say: "No John Fru Ndi said he was very angry with me because I spoke ill about him on television. He said he can never be comfortable with my presence in the Executive Committee. I understand the attitude of Mr. John Fru Ndi. I am among those who said our organization should be exemplary, and that we cannot always be fighting CPDM asking them to be correct, without being correct ourselves. I have said on several occasions on TV that it was vital for the party to do some internal change of positions. President Fru Ndi is an extremely corrupted politician". 

Concerning his political future, Elimby said he is among those who do not want to create a political party because it has nothing specific to offer. He said he is a left conservator of left values, and that there are many political parties who are need people with such attributes, so it is possible for him to join one of those parties.

Watch Elimby on the program...........................

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