Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cameroon - Prof Nkou Mvondo confronts Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo - hoha

The Higher Educational sector is not spared from the waves of disorder affecting other sectors of the country. With the recent University of Yaounde II students strike over the non payment of Excellency Award to the 2014-2015 batch of Private Law students, and the impending Anglophone Schools go slow endorsed by the English Speaking University Lecturers, Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo of the Higher Education is yet receiving more slaps from one of his subordinates.

Prof. Nkou Mvondo Prosper, Lecturer of the University of Ngaoundere is accusing Minister Fame Ndongo of being manipulative and looking for his trouble. In an open letter to the Minister, the Lecturer quoted a letter that Minister Fame Ndongo had sent to the Rector of the University of Ngaoundere. 

"You claimed that while exercising my administrative functions, and in the execution of my duties as a lecturer, I carry out activities that are against discipline and academic ethics". Prof Nkou outlined.

The Minister's letter to the Rector was accusing the lecturer of carrying out political activities in the campus, and financing these activities with money drawn from the sale of lectures, examination questions and marks to students of the University of Ngaoundere.

Minister Fame Ndongo also requested in the letter that Pr Nkou should face the disciplinary council so that his academic and political wings will be clipped.

"The Mutation Newspaper" reporting the story says Minister Fame Ndong denied ever receiving a letter from the lecturer, because he would have replied him as he does to others.

The Minister also denied the accusations that he manipulated and incited the Rector of the University of Ngaoundere to rain problems on Pr. Nkou Mvondo. "I have never belittled a Rector by inciting him/her to do injustice  on issues that are already know. The minister of Higher Education trusts them for the healthy and orderly management of Lecturers, support staff and students according to the Rules and Regulations of the Republic". Minister Fame Ndongo declared.

Pr. Nkou has asked the Minister to stay off his campus and political life, and concentrate more on his burning seat, which might just end up burning him out as well.

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