Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cameroon - The Population of Dibamba threaten to bar the high ways during AFCON

The traditional rulers of the Canton Longasse (Longasse Clan) in the Dibamba district of the Sanaga Maritime Division in the Littoral Region are threatening to block the Douala/Yaounde High way during the African Women Cup of Nations 2016 set to kick off on Saturday Nov. 19 2016, if their 100 hectares of land forcefully taken by the Minister of State Property, surveys and Land Tenure is not restituted.

The traditional rulers complain that on Aug. 25th 2016, the Minister of State Property, surveys and Land Tenure(MINCADAF)    Jacqueline Koung a Bessike registered a 100 hectare portion of land in favour of a community called "Bloc Pont sur la Dibamba",  Missole 1. 

She had earlier been contacted by a member of this community who is claiming 300 hectares of the land which is the inheritance  of Canton Longasse.

"'Bloc Pont sur la Dibamba' village is not in our clan. It is just a fiction invented by Minister Kouang a Bessike".The traditional rulers declared. Consequently, the population of Canton Longasse say they will block the Dibamba bridge( the bridge on the Douala - Edea highway)during the AFWCON competition, if the Minister does not restitute their land.

The registration of this land to the so called "Bloc Pont sur Dibamba"  is one among the many land registration under the Minister's private field , because according to the villagers, " fifteen other direct registration procedures are ongoing for the same group  of people at the Regional Delegation of the Ministry Of State Property, Survey and Land Tenure of the Littoral, which is very curious and  unusual"

When contacted, a source at MINCADAF did not want to comment on the topic, but said it is a very sensitive issue that they want to keep from the press.

As for the Traditional Rulers, they say they want an investigation opened on this issue, which has corruption smelling around it, and also want an immediate restitution of their inheritance before they go hay wire.

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