Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Cameroon - Politics - Edith KAH WALLA a Pin in Biya's Eye

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More and more Cameroonians are wearing black on Fridays, and one can easily say it is in respect of Iron Lady Edith Kahbang Walla's call. The Leader of the Cameroon People's Party has vowed not to give Biya and his government any peace, until his failed system is eradicated.

Kah Walla's Black Friday is gaining momentum, as political leaders and members of the civil society are rallying behind her, to push for a transition of the government.

Ever since the Eseka Train accident Edith Kah Walla has gone RED WILD on Biya and his government, blaming them for their untimely intervention in the face of crisis,  as well as their negligence and incompetency in the administration of Cameroon. 

Kah Walla's STAND UP CAMEROON Movement has now become one of Biya's biggest nightmares, as he and his government seem not to have a mastery of what this movement is all about, and thus are very scared of what the outcome of its activities would be. They are doing everything possible to stop her from holding meetings in public or private, monitoring her every move for fear of danger.

Last week Edith Kah Walla and her Team members were arrested at her party's head quarters in Yaounde, but were later released late in the night due to local and international pressure.

She and members of her party visited the train crash site and have been visiting surviving victims in hospitals with messages of encouragement, hope and  prayers.

Tomorrow is another Black Friday to reckon with.  What will Biya's soldier do this time? 

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