Monday, 14 November 2016

Cameroon - Police men beat journalists at the Amadou Ahidjo's Stadium

Police men yesterday in Yaounde assaulted journalists who wanted to interview the Lionesses and other match officials after a friendly 1-2 defeat from Twiga Stars of Tanzania.

Report says after the match, the journalists went to the section that the Communication Committee of  the local organization of the AFWCON  had reserved for mixed zone interviews, but they were confronted with the Forces of Law and order who did not want anyone to trespass. The Forces of Law and order started brutalizing journalists, and Fils Daniel Injec from Radio Kiss FM was seriously wounded.

The journalist fought back and the when the situation became more chaotic, another group of police men came in. Their arrival brought calm, but the journalists decided to boycott the interview. Consequence, no interview took place after the 1-2 defeat.

For the journalists, the uniform men should be called to order urgently before the start of the AFWCON, which is just five days away especially as because this situation has been reoccurring since the reopening of the Amadou Ahidjo stadium.

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