Saturday, 5 November 2016

Cameroon - Operation Sparrow Hawk - " I have no choice than to report to Paul Biya" - Polycarp Abah Abah declared concerning his new 20 years jail sentence

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Former Minister of Economic and Finance - Polycarp Abah Abah 

While serving a 25  and 6 years term imprisonment for embezzlement and attempted escape from prison, Sparrow Hawk Victim Polycarp Abah Abah was again sentenced to another 20 years imprisonment for the embezzlement of 1 158 352 393 F CFA(One Billion, One Hundred and Fifty Eight Million, Three Hundred and Fifty Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Three Francs) on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016. 

The former Minister of Economy and Finance and former Director of Taxes declared after Thursday's verdict that he was going to contact his former godfather turned enemy President Paul Biya.

"This decision is is not honourable to those who took it nor is it honourable to the Cameroonian justice, talk-less of our country and the person who is supposed to ensure the proper functioning of our institutions.  The Head of State was aware of this problem and he had exonerated me. The amount of money that they are asking from me had been paid to the beneficiaries, among which was the State of Cameroon. This is scandalous, and it is only helping to increase the feelings of judicial insecurity that economic operators are complaining about." Abah Abah declared.

"This is why we are are poorly ranked internationally. I am forced to get in touch with the Head of State for this decision. The beneficiaries will be obliged to refund the amount of money they received, which was equally due to them. To defend  myself, I am obliged to reclaim this money back from them". He added.

That is not all, Abah Abah still has an ongoing case in court for the embezzlement of 200 million F CFA.

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